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About us

Established in 2022 Oak Meadows is the first Waldorf inspired school we embrace a pedagogy that places a high value on imagination in the process of learning, which uses a holistic approach to student development. At Oak Meadow's our focus is not just on intellectual development, but also artistic skills.


The Leader in Early Childhood Music Education

"Making music, in a joyful and purposeful way, provides a self recognition in children that help them to enjoy the act of learning." Those words from Dr. Lorna Heyge, the founder of Musikgarten, establish the basis for our children's music programs.  

The Waldorf Essential Experience 

Rudolf Steiner believed there are essential experiences for healthy early childhood development, and they are:

  • Care for the environment

  • Exploring with the five senses

  • Creative and artistic activities

  • Cultural experiences

  • Meaningful adult examples for child imitation and play

  • Free, imaginative play

  • Letting children be children

  • Love and warmth

  • Gratitude, reverence, and wonder 

  • Joy, humor, and happiness 

  • Showing adult role models on a path of inner development

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We are now accepting registrations for

June 2022

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